ÖTKERT – The hippest urban-club in the heart of downtown Budapest.

A nightlife venue of almost legendary stature, ÖTKERT is undeniably one of the most prestigious clubs of Budapest since its opening in 2010. Calling it the centre of the city’s nightlife is not an overstatement considering the full-house parties ÖTKERT runs 3 days every week, from Thursday to Saturday with massive crowds of local and international party people. Located few minutes from the St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Chain Bridge in a stunning 19th century building, the club is literally in the heart of Budapest. With its 3 rooms offering 3 different musical styles and 3 DJs every night, ÖTKERT is definitely not a place for a slow evening.
‘The ceiling can’t hold us’ is the accurate expression during the warm and dry months when the venue’s

main dance floor is opened up to the summer night sky so you can embrace the stars while having your greatest party in Budapest. Let loose on the flashiest open air dance floors of the city center and join 2019’s coolest international melting pot!
ÖTKERT – the hippest urban-club – is the final stop of the night in Budapest. With parties running until 5 AM, this is a place you won’t want to leave once you get its signature vibe.


If you choose Ötkert for the destination of your limousine ride, the passengers of the limo are entitled to a free entry, and you can skip the queue!

* the entry does not include drinks consumed in the nightclub.
* the entry is only valid for the passengers arriving with the limousine
* The offer isn’t valid for special events.